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Smooth skin that looks great

Enjoy hygienic virtually pain free body waxing treatments from a leg wax to lip, chin or bikini wax. Below is a list of prices for members and non-members 


Full Leg

• Time 30 mins  Price (member) £23.00  Price (non member) £25.00

Half Leg

• Time 15 mins  Price (member) £16.50  Price (non member) £17.50

Under Arm

• Time 15 mins  Price (member) £11.00  Price (non member) £12.00


• Time 15 mins  Price (member) £11.00  Price (non member) £12.00


• Time 30 mins  Price (member) from £26.00  Price (non member) £27.00


• Time 30 mins  Price (member) from £26.00  Price (non member) £27.00

Lip or Chin

• Time 5 mins  Price (member) £8.00  Price (non member) £9.00


• Time 20 mins  Price (member) £16.50  Price (non member) £17.50


• Time 10 mins  Price (member) £10.00  Price (non member) £11.00


*No showering / swimming / sun beds before or after waxing.

Back and Chest Wax is priced upon the amount of hair and time taken.



The perfect pampering package

Waxing is a great base for an amazing body, but why not choose from the other great quality beauty treatments that you find at Beauty By Stephanie, create your own idea of the perfect look at the right price every single time.

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Long lasting and gentle, perfect waxing treatments